P'dice is Paul's second album and includes ten tracks recorded between January and October 2011. It was part financed by many of his fans who pre-ordered long before any notes had been recorded. It was this leap of faith, taken by those who learned of Paul's music via his debut album "Focal Point", that encouraged him to pause his career as a civil engineering consultant, build his own recording studio, and concentrate on his obsession with music. A sensible decision? Only time will tell, but that decision rests completely in the hands of his fans. If you enjoy what you hear here please show your support by buying his music and by spreading the word to those you know who still believe great music can be created outside of the commercial mainstream. It's simply a matter of finding it.

Paul plays all the instruments on P'dice, but as the songs took shape, Paul dreamed of having some of the worlds best drummers join him for the recordings. With fingers crossed he sent demos of some of his songs to Gavin Harrison and Marco Minnemann and waited in hope for their replies. They did, and to make things perfect, were motivated by what they heard to lend their drumming talents to P'dice.

But why the title P'dice?

"P'dice is my play on the word prejudice. The apostrophe (P'dice) acts as an abbreviation, but also represents the possession of prejudice.

I don't think I would be too far off the mark by saying we have all exhibited or felt the victim of prejudice in some form or other. It takes on many guises: racism, religious preference, classism, sexism, homophobia, ableism... yes lots of "isms" but this intolerance of others occurs between different gangs, between people of different nationalities, and we sometimes jump to conclusions about someone because of their weight or height. Some even think they know what someone is like because of the type of car they drive, the job they do or the type of music they listen to.

So what about the dice? Personally I think the place we are born, our gender, our skin colour, our religious beliefs, our physical attributes are not laid down in some grand plan but happen as a consequence of a series of events that occurred down through the history of our ancestry. Many of those events are beyond our control and it's simply a roll of the dice as to what you get when you are born.

So I started to write songs exploring some of the prejudices that exist. In this album I wrote songs in the first person, but not from personal experiences as I did with Focal Point. However what started as a collection of songs with a common theme slowly took on a life of its own.

P'dice is the story of one man as he explores moments of his life, his actions, his thoughts, his decisions, his feelings, his realisations and how they were shaped, often unconsciously, by prejudice".


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